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House Renovation


Grand Renovations & Design are pleased to offer a variety of styles both for residential wallpaper and commercial wallpaper. We work with many types of wallpaper such as Liner wallpaper, Printed Wallpaper, Textured wallpaper, Accent wallpaper, Vinyl wallpaper, Bamboo wallpaper, Foil wallpaper, Flock wallpaper, Murals, Grasscloth wallpaper, Peel-and-stick wallpaper


Removing and installing wallpaper may seem like an easy feat to most people, but it is an art requiring careful precision. To ensure that wallpaper sets properly, you need patience, the correct tools, plenty of time, and a keen sense of precision. Grand Renovations & Design specializes in commercial and residential installation services. Our professional wallpaper installers will ensure that your rooms look their best.

Grand Renovations & Design installs all types of wall coverings from hand-printed to standard papers. We specialize in the installation of a large variety of materials and our services include the following: paper, vinyl, acoustic wallpapers as well as grass cloth, fabric wall coverings and film. All work is performed by experts with the highest attention to detail and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Wallpaper Removal

Proper wallpaper removal is required before every new wallpaper application or painting. It is important to remove not only the wallpaper itself but also clean the walls of all the remaining glue. This ensures proper adhesion of new wallpaper or paint. If you are considering painting, Grand Renovations & Design is happy to offer our wallpaper removal services. Our team will remove any wallpaper and adhesion from the wall to ensure that painting goes smoothly. This way, your walls will be prepared for painters and you can ensure the quality of your new decor.

Wall Preparation

Before wallpaper can be put on, a wall must be prepared for installation. This is a step in ensuring long-lasting and picture-perfect results. The surface of a wall should be free of any imperfections in order to eliminate potential air pockets under the wallpaper.

Wallpaper Installation

As reputable wallpaper installation contractors, we don’t have room for error. Our contractors complete every project with precise attention to detail. From cutting to application, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with the look and service they receive.

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